Florine asked in Social SciencePsychology · 2 months ago

How can I stop feeling nostalgic?

These past couple of days I've been feeling REALLY nostalgic. I've tried going for runs and listening to pump up music (probably should stop the sad music), but I'm still feeling nostalgic.

This sounds silly, but I sometimes wish time would freeze and I didn't get older just yet. I am looking forward to things in the future though!

Here's mainly why I'm nostalgic:

- I'm the middle sibling and two of my older siblings will both be in college next year, meaning the house will be lonelier :(

- I miss traveling with my family and just hanging out around home

- I have this one really happy memory from summer 2019 that I'm really really missing.

- I am so busy with so much homework and I miss not being able to talk with my friends as much :(

What can I do to be un-nostalgic?! How often do people normally feel nostalgic? Is it normal to cry (just a little) when thinking of good memories? 

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