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If the USA never had a Civil War would slavery still be practiced in America?

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    I would say if the American Civil war had never happened likely slavery would have continued for another 40 or 50 years before people began to speak out against it until and pressured slave owners to quit using forced laborers.  Likely if no one complained about people having slaves there would be some horrible people still owning slaves as they believe throughout the world there are still about 43 million people being held against their will and forced to work for nothing more than their food, basic clothes, and a small area to sleep.  In Asia and the Middle East there are unscrupulous people who grab the homeless off the street including children and lock them away in places like brickyards, and potteries where they spend their days carrying gear in and out of kilns.  In other places women are held either against their will locked in brothels or by drug addiction who cannot leave because their owners give them free drugs in exchange for being prostitutes, women are offered jobs in foreign countries and then forced to work cleaning homes and being forced to be maids for no pay, so as you can see there are still nasty people willing to use those who cannot protect themselves.

      Even in the USA there are still people forced to work for no pay who cannot escape from forced labor which is slavery.

      Slavery is not just black people these days, and is hidden away from society but is still there.

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    The Jew-Confederates are still around today, spreading their filth.

    So yes, it would be.

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    It was never going to work w/ the hypocritical slave drivers in the south clamoring for independence. Slavery could have been phased out gradually but the south over reacted when it bombarded Ft. Sumter. The south decided the cost of American lives was worth keeping their slaves.

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    It was in the consistution so you would need a consistion amendment to change it eventually the West and the North would end it like they did with Jim crow on moral grounds. They got 3/4 of the states to ban drinking 

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    Note Fact Slavery never ended in Union states until the 13 Amendment Grant had slaves 12 Months after the war

    No if they Failed to abolish Slavery By 1900 they would have few to no countries to trade with

    Look what Happened to Nestley Using child Labour Canada stopped Buying their Products

    as for me Ford GM ITT Chrysler Cocoa Cola Birds eye to name a few Funded Hitler up to 1945

    I don't Knowingly purchase any of their Products

    Fact By 1850 slavery in the South was dying out

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    I would like to point out that slaves in northern states such as New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland had slaves for the duration of the civil war plus six months. West Virginia was a slave state with slavery to be ended in thirty years. States that were border states such as Kentucky also had slaves during and after the civil war. Territories of the US also had slaves until it was abolished nation wide in December 1865.

    Now to answer your question:

    Slavery when compared to the exploitation of European and oriental (Chinese) immigrants was costly. It was not an economically sustainable system. So of course slavery would have ended. If the southern plantation owners (25% of the population) could have been freed of the debt incurred in the purchase of them, they would have been freed back when the Constitution was written, if not before.

    The sad thing is that the war cost more to fight then it would have cost to have bought the slaves and set them free. But Lincoln could not or did not try to float that idea.

    Lastly the south was more upset with the tariffs on goods from England then the slave issue. If one looks at recruitment posters for both the south and the north it can be seen that when fought the incentive to enlist had nothing to do with slavery. It was sold as a war to preserve the union or to free the south from the tyranny of the northern interests. The real reason was to force the southern land holder into economic servitude. The northern banks faced with the loss of revenue generated by financing slaves in the south had to find a way to force the southern planation owner into taking out loans for new debts. The civil war provided the means by which it could be accomplished and made the gun  makers of the same area a small fortune selling guns and ammunition to both sides.

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    No, but the slavery issue served to demonize the South and agrarian society. Without the muss and fuss of the Civil War, there would have been more of Mother Earth's bounty and human treasures to pass along to future generations. Haste makes waste. 

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    It would have eventually died out. A ridiculous amount of capital was tied up in slaves. Productivity gains made in the north were already proving that free labour was more productive than slave labour.   

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    All the northern states individually abolished slavery long before the Civil War began. If the Confederacy still existed, yes. The Confederate Constitution stated no states, or any future states to join the Confederacy, could ever pass a law that abolished or restricted slavery in any way.

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    🥴 I dunno. 

    Probably, not. I think slavery was a custom from Europe that probably started in Egypt. Europe ended theirs without civil wars.

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