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How would I start a buisness collecting, sanitizing, and reselling used face masks?

Any tips on good places to start?  I figure people forget theor masks in restaurants and such and maybe go to lost and founds and get them there too?


I could do this and promote it as saving the environment

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    Well first you need to collect enough to sell.  Maybe 100.

    THEN, you would need to find a way to sanitize them.  You cannot use a microwave so you would either have to boil them in hot soapy water or you would need to bleach them in warm soapy water.

    If you use bleach you would have to find a way to rinse the bleach out.

    Then you would have to dry them.

    I guess you could package them in the clear plastic bags they sell for sandwiches in the grocery store.

    I guess you could ALSO get blank sticky labels and write " Sanitized Used Masks $5.00' on the label.

    You'd probably have to find a place where there are a lot of stores and restaurants so you could stand on the street and sell them to people who pass by.

    HOWEVER I doubt anyone would buy a used mask no matter how well you claim it has been sanitized.

    But you can always try.

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    Highly unlikely. No one wants to buy used masks.  New ones are relatively cheap.

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    Well, there was a woman who sold used condoms she "cleaned" and rerolled so anything's possible

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