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1 Month, 17 Days, 5.5 Hours. Are you as impatient as me?

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  • Gary
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    2 months ago

    That's when the LIEberal left socialist demoCROOKS will publically begin they're coup of our ENTIRE political AND judicial system AND usurping of our rights! Please mark my words and heed my warnings! IF the demoCROOKS gain a majority in the senate they WILL remove moderate quid pro quo braindead Joe Biden making way for HARD left "progressive" Kamaltoe Hairyass to become POTUS (why Nazi PIGosi was working on the 25th. amendment) THEN SHE WILL:

    1) Expand the SCOTUS adding at least 4 HARD LEFT "progressive" and TOTALLY loyal to the PARTY justices so if ANYONE or other party TRIES to legally contest ANY legislation or laws they WILL rule with the PARTY'S wishes AND to lock the SCOTUS HARD left for DECADES.

    2) IF they also gain a majority in the house they WILL eliminate the filibusterer from congress to keep ANY person or party from slowing or stopping ANY legislation they want to pass. 

    NOW they're totally free to pass ANY legislation or laws they choose to TOTALLY unrestricted or encumbered in ANY way!

    3) NOW they WILL be free to eliminate the electoral college bypassing the constitutional requirement of REQUIRING 2/3 of the states needing to approve the changes! This will virtually guarantee ONLY demoCROOKS win EVERY POTUS election as EVERY POTUS election winner WILL be decided by the 5 largest cities in our country AND make the 98% of the rest of the country totally VOICELESS in ALL federal elections!!! 

    4) Start attacking the 2A by banning or requiring ALL SEMI-AUTOMATIC firearms rifles AND pistols and ALL magazines with over 10 round capacity to be either "sold back to the fed." (BUT they NEVER owned them in the first place!!) at about 1/10th. the price or less OR pay a $200 "TAX" (remember NO NEW taxes on the poor and middle class promise Biden made!!!) on AND REQUIRING they be registered with the federal government (again against federal law per the 1986 FOPA signed by slick Willy Clinton!!) for EACH firearm and EACH magazine owned OR the owner is automatically guilty of a FELONY with a punishment of up to 10 YEARS in prison AND/OR $10,000 fine for EACH item OR BOTH! AND make it federal law that a person can buy only ONE firearm a month MAXIMUM! I will also expect them BAN ALL semi-automatic ammunition and to HEAVILY tax ALL AMMUNITION sales at 100% sales tax AND REQUIRE a federal background check on ALL ammunition sales! This also includes ALL the firearms you LIEberal left demoCROOKS JUST bought! ONE exception to This law change will be members of CONGRESS will be EXEMPT!!!! 

    5) Suspending the 4th amendment against illegal search and seizure so LEO's can conduct raids to search dwellings and businesses to look for the newly illegal unregistered "assault weapons", semi-automatic firearms, magazines and other firearm accessories. 

    6) Making, saying, uttering, posting, printing or publishing ANY disparaging comments about the LIEberal left demoCROOK party a federal "hate crime"! AND doing the same for certain racial slurs Violating our 1A protected right of free speech regardless of how offensive! This will also make the majority of rap music ILLEGAL! 

    And this is just the very beginning!!!!!!!

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    I am not an impatient person. 

  • Jim2
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    2 months ago


  • 2 months ago

    You are in for a big letdown. Do nothing Joe was in government for nearly 50 years, did he help you at all??

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