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How could I get rid of this attacker?

Someone moved into my dads house and decided that they think they're going to have our house. They said, "I know you're pissed off we're here." I think they're one of the people who harassed me to such an extent that I called the police and the cops weren't able to help me at the time. The reason I say I think is because I couldn't quite make out the voice of who was attacking me. NOW, they are in my dads home and I guess trying to make the police think that it wasn't them harassing me and that they are in fact related so to speak. But I've not really been affiliated with them prior except for many years ago when they visited my relatives home and there too they were somehow causing rifts. My car was shot and then things became so much more worse for me afterwards. Also, I just have this feeling she is up to no good and doesn't have pure intentions in coming to this home as well. It's almost like she's following me. 

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    2 months ago

    Just like every other time you've asked this in some form or other, I have NO idea what you are asking.  Your Dad's house?  Then HE gets to decide who lives there.  I don't know what "related so to speak" means.  "They" are either related to you or they are not.  Hang up the phone when people call and harass you.  If someone shot up your car, notify the Police.  You want them out of your Dad's house?  Talk to your Dad.

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