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Does anyone have any idea how to do basic things like edit a tab on Adobe Dreamweaver?

I've been given an assignment to make a portfolio on Adobe Dreamweaver. My professor has given the class very little guidance on how to use Dreamweaver and I am not really good with coding. I just want to add my work to the "My Work" tab that I have. How do I do that?

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  • Chris
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    2 months ago

    Learning how to use Dreamweaver is beside the point, it's a crutch anyway. It's not like Photoshop. Professional web devs do not use Dreamweaver or similar programs; they write HTML/CSS themselves.

    By tab I assume you're referring to a link in your site's navigation? Does clicking it open an new page? It's not really possible to answer your question without more details about your site.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    There are several ways available to you:

    1. Find and read an online copy of the Dreamweaver User's Guide.

    2. Use the Help function in Dreamweaver.

    3. Visit YouTube and search on 'How to use Dreamweaver'.

    4. Do an online search on 'How to use Dreamweaver'.

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