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How do you call this kind of art? Can it be consider a legit painting?

Im just curious coz i saw this style of art on facebook. Based on the speedpaint, ( tho she claimed she's using the colorwheel ) the "artist" is obviously colorpicking every point from the reference photo to her canvas then smudge/blend it, and yes the output is exactly the same as the original! I also saw her having a "mini" tutorial of skin blending which is not as impressive as what her "masterpieces" looks like. I tried to look for her personal works/OC's but there isn't any. And it seems that she suddenly evolve from a beginner to a master level of digital "painting". I mean, what is that? She definitely cant create realism without reference ( to colorpick ).I am an amateur and i know how hard it is to do realism, i can draw but more on 'anime-ish" stuffs. So i kinda feel being cheated on, a bit. Like why would i go to all sorts of practicing, learning this and that when someone can use a better technique? Enlightened me pls.. thank you!


*enlighten me.. sorry

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    Sounds a lot like she's successful and you are jealous. Lots of millennials seem to have that sort of thing going on.

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