What is the name of this action TV Show featuring two main characters who are send on a mission each episode?

I remembering watching this tv show when i was a kid. I barely remember anything other than one vague scene from one of the episodes. I remember the show was about two guys who work as partners and get send on an action mission each episode. There were often comedic elements too. 

I remember in this one episode, one of the characters was scolding the other one for always lying to him about sleeping to avoid any new tasks. Later in the episode, that same character that was accused of lying got captured by the bad guys in his own house, and then his partner called him, and the bad guys told him to send him away, and he said to his partner over the phone "im really sleepy, im just going to bed right now. Don't worry" knowing his partner would know he is lying and in trouble. 

Does anyone have any idea what this tv show was called? 

Note, it's not Thunder in Paradise or Nikita, but it was likely from that period. 

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