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A planar coil of conducting wire has an area of 10 cm ^2 and includes a resistance of 25 omega. The normal to this coil is parallel to a uniform magnetic field of 1.0 T. How much charge will flow through the circuit, if the direction of the magnetic field reverses? 

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    Δemf = 2*n*A*B / Δt = 2*1*10e-4m²*1.0T / Δt = 20e-4 V / Δt

    for Δt in seconds, the time it takes for the field to reverse.

    current I = 20e-4V / Δt*25Ω = 8e-5/Δt A

    To get the charge, multiply the current by the time:

    q = I*Δt = 8e-5 C

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