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How can I get him help if he’s in denial?

my dad lost several jobs that he only kept for a short time before he was fired. He got into a lot of car accidents too, coincidentally that was when I was 14 and diagnosed with a brain tumour. So because of this he retired at the age of 50 and stopped driving, he was diagnosed with major depression. Since then he has just gotten worse and worse - leaving the stove on, forgetting things very quickly, easily confused... he refuses to believe that there is anything wrong, he says that he’s “perfectly fine”. He used to be charismatic, loud, he never wants to go anywhere and barely ever talks. I’m so worried about him, he’s only getting older and when I leave the house he’s going to have no support because my mum is narcissistic and thinks she is being victimised by his “stupidity”. She constantly swears at him and puts him down, He doesn’t stand up for himself so I do it... now I’m terrified of leaving because my mum will tear him to pieces 


Torchbug - I had a brain tumour when I was 14, I think this caused my dad to have a mental breakdown. He refuses to go to a doctor because he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with him 

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    maybe he should be in a home if hes acting like that

  • 2 months ago

    Sorry, I'm not clear on who has the brain tumor - you or your dad? In any case, take him to a doctor and tell the doctor everything you said here. The doctor should be able to give him a physical to see if there are any problems - like vitamin deficiencies or other issues - that could be affecting him, and the doctor should be able to talk to him about options for dealing with depression, memory issues and other things. The doctor should also be able to refer him to therapy for dealing with your mom's abuse. The abuse, depression, and forgetfulness could all be related to each other. Abuse makes people depressed, depression makes them forgetful. If you can get him some help and support outside the home, and he can improve his physical and mental health, you might be able to take the next step toward getting him to deal with your mom, or get him away from your mom. Maybe the two of you can move out together. 

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