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Parents gave $100k to brother; he told me but they didn’t: OK?

I am a middle-aged adult.  My brother (who has made tens of millions of dollars and semi-retired at age 40) had no income from a business that he owns.  So my parents (who have plenty of cash) gave him $100,000.

They didn’t tell me.  He did, to his credit.  He also told me that he’d give me half of they don’t ask for it back (although I expect them to want it back, as a loan).

I’m fine, financially; I am a senior lawyer in a law firm and do fine.  I don’t need the money, but if I asked for cash, my parents never would give me anything.

Would you be bothered by parents giving a sibling $100,000 and not telling you, when you know that they wouldn’t help you if you were in need?

I guess I should be happy that he’s honest.  


My brother is very wealthy and retired a while ago.  This year, with the pandemic, he didn’t make anything from a business that he owns.  So he is wealthy but didn’t have his usual cash flow this year; thus he “needed” cash.

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    I mean, honestly, things between your parents and your brother are absolutely none of your business; just like if the situation were reversed, it'd be absolutely none of his business. 

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