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How long will my laptop keep working by being plugged only ( battery dead)? Will I lose my info?

My Hp laptop is 3 years and 5 months old. Since January I need to use it plugged because the battery lasts for 10 mins and it has a battery alert at startup. I am afraid that anytime I may not be able to access it and lose my information. Can this happen?  It is 12GB ram, is that why the battery didnt last long? I only use it for bowsing many tbs at the same time, while doing office work and using zoom. I only use it at home so it is no problem to keep it plugged all day. Thanks

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    Data on the hard drive is not dependent on battery life, but batteries aren't that expensive and buying one would give extra life to the laptop. I do suggest backing up key data to a thumb drive, though.

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