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How was the Nazi party able to seize power so quickly in the elections? How did they get people to vote for them?

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    After World War 1, Germany was left with extensive damage, a very bad financial situation, and was asked to pay damages to the other counties. Also, as per Treaty of Versailles, Britain and France were supposed to monitor Germany and enforce the terms of this treaty to make sure Germany pays out and doesn't get too powerful. However, they didn't consistently enforce the terms. Germany desperately needed money and couldn't borrow from the U.S. because U.S. had an economic crash of its own in the 1930s. All these things gave the Germans a sense of hopelessness.

    The Nazi party used all this as an opportunity, and found ways to rise to popularity by praying on these fears. The Nazi party conveniently identified those who were responsible for Germany's problems and called the people to action. Hitler fit in very well as he presented himself as a charismatic leader who knew exactly what to do, whom to target, and how to bring Germany to its glory. He actually was delivering on his promises-- he increased the size of Germany's army and navy despite being prohibited under the Treaty of Versailles (which was a clear slap in the face to France an Britain).

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    it was easy , germans where punished after ww1 , part of paying too much compensation for the war , germans where poor , had to pay a ridiculous amount of compensation , imagine the youths being bought up in poverty and no self pride , then hitler came along , he said no more compensation payments , gave the germans back there pride , the young liked it but the elders didnt should read up on it , see the truth and why things in history happen .

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    Germany was in pretty bad shape after WWI.  They were plunged into a horrible depression which predated the Great Depression which impacted the rest of the globe.  They saw territory taken from them.  There was a failed Communist revolution.  Many German people felt that their world was in chaos.  The Nazis promised to Make Germany Great Again.  They were very energetic in promising that they would restore Germany to the greatness which it had had before the war.  And they offered an explanation for the German loss which absolved most Germans of any kind of blame.  They weren't defeated fair and square, they were betrayed.  The Nazi dynamism attracted people at a time when some of the more mainstream parties seemed to have lost their way.  Still, the Nazis weren't an electoral juggernaut.  They never won an outright majority in the Reichstag, the German parliament, and in the last free election in interwar Germany they actually lost seats.  But in 1933, the Nazis still held the largest bloc of seats in the Reichstag.  Together with a number of other right wing parties they formed a majority coalition government.  Hitler, as leader of the largest parliamentary faction, was asked to become Chancellor.  But this doesn't fully explain how we got to what we know as "Nazi Germany".  Because the Nazis were still operating in a democratic system.  Instead, what tipped the scales was an amazing stroke of luck on their part.  A month after Hitler became chancellor, a mentally ill Dutch communist named Marinus van der Lubbe set fire to the Reichstag building significantly damaging it.  The very next day, the government passed the Reichstag Fire Decree, which suspended a bunch of civil liberties because of the crisis and gave Hitler, as Chancellor,  much broader powers.  This was effectively the end of German interwar democracy as Hitler and the Nazis used the new law to persecute any opponents and shut down an independent press.  The next election, a sham one conducted under martial law, result in almost all Reichstag seats being held by Nazis.  Hitler and the party were now free to reshape Germany as they wished.

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    The by far most important reason was that other German parties -especially those who were in government before - were unable to repair the German economy. There was a very high number of unemployed in Germany.

    All the other reasons, like the Versailles Treaty, were not unimportant but insignificant in comparison with the economic recession.

    After all, who cares about winning back some lost areas when you cannot even pay for your health or food bill?

    And reparation had already been tuned down due to talks between Germany, the US etc.

    Besides, there was already anger about the Versailles Treaty before the Great Depression and only 3,1 % of all Germans had voted for the Nazi Party before the Great Depression.

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    The Nazi party (NSDAP) began in 1920. The Social Democrats were the largest party in the Reichstag throughout the 20s. The nazis gained seats in 1930 and became the largest party in 1932. Among contributing factors that increased popularity were Hitler's predictions of economic collapse that came true w/ the onset of the Depression and his repeated condemnations of the WW1 treaty.   

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    First of all, the Nazi Party did not "seize" power.  Hitler became Chancellor through procedures established by the Weimar Constitution.  Hindenburg thought he could control Hitler.  Once Hitler came to power, though, he began to eradicate the opposition.  After the Reichstag fire, which may have been staged by the Nazis, he ended civil liberties and assumed dictatorial powers.

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    The Nazi party lost. The head Nazi dump is done 

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    Fred has quite the imagination, doesn't he?

    "Seize power" is an incorrect terminology. After 14 years of oppression under the Weimar Republic and after suffering bankruptcy TWICE, the German people were hungry for change - change where Germany wasn't being used as the "whipping boy".

    The 1932 elections involved over 50 political parties, all pulling towards either Communism or Capitalism. Hitler was the only one who sought self-determination for the German people. He promised to turn Germany's economy around - which he did within 6 years while the other countries were still mired in the Great Depression.

    The German people wanted to decide their own future and this is what they voted for in support of Hitler.

    Contrary to Fred's imaginative claims, the Jews ("Zionists", actually) did cause Germany's defeat. That's what the Balfour Declaration and the rights to Palestine were all about - it was payment for bringing the United States into the war on Britain's side.

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    Same way Biden got people to vote for him, he lied

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    they told the people what THE PEOPLE WANTED TO HEAR ............

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