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Why are republicans fighting so hard for this voter fraud narrative, dont they realize this overconfidence will force them into cognitive ?

dissonance once the all evidence has been examined? Affidavits or personal testimonies are some of the weakest forms of evidence, even that blonde lady who went on fox said she didnt see anything but still believes because she didnt understand what was going on


Zombies can be reasoned with? Well they only exist in books, comics, video games, movies, plays, and Ive never seen one reason, the closest maybe in Fallout games but super mutants and gouls were more changed into radioactive beasts instead of dying and coming back 

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    2 months ago

    "....cognitive dissonance" ?

    You mean everyone will turn into blithering liberals?

    *** Right...Zombies cannot be reasoned with....yet are still far more reasonable than liberals. "Good luck with all that Free stuff from Biden."


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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The total BS "mail-OUT" ballots -- UNSOLICITED -- is maniacal enough to demand microscopic scrutiny.

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