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What is your opinion on mixed color and black/grey tattoos?

I have many small tattoos in black/grey and in I want to get some color tattoos next to them, not related or a sleeve. Does it look bad to have tattoos in black/grey and some in color?

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    My uncle had dozens and dozens of tattoos, some in color, some in black, and they were all just things he liked and added as time went by. They were lovely to see, but never made a lot of sense in their positioning. He had some traditional ones like 'Mom' in a heart, the anchor, a tribal pattern on one elbow, and so on. His arms and legs were pretty covered but to me, it was like trying to read a book by skipping around to different sections rather than going from front to back. It always looked a bit disjointed to me. Keep in mind, it is your body, your story, and if you want both color and black/grey, that is your choice. I am more of a 'pattern/theme' kind of person, but that is just me. There is no hard right, or hard wrong when it comes to body art. 

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    how about you get what you want and stop worrying about what others think about your tattoos

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