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Did something happen to him?!?

There’s this guy at work who I like. We both work in retail and are 19 and 20 so it’s innocent and really not that serious. 

He talked to me on my first day and asked me if it was my first day and if I liked the job and what high school I went to and where I was from and stuff like that. We laughed together too. He told me good morning last week and I haven’t seen him since that day. His mom works there too and she’s kind of quiet although I see her talk to people sometimes but she won’t talk to me first. Whenever I say hi/bye first she’s always really nice and says it back. I know he’s a mommas boy so I’m at least trying to get on her good side lol which I think I’m on but she seems hard to talk to. Me and her don’t really talk other than that.

Today I checked the schedule and he was supposed to come in but didn’t for some reason. His mom did but I’m not sure if he has the virus or just called out today which doesn't seem like him. I’m a little worried but don’t want to ask his mom where he is because that will be weird because we aren’t dating yet. 

I wanted to get dressed up for work and do my hair a certain way if I knew he was gonna be there but I don’t want to waste an outfit. What should I do? I miss him and I’m kind of worried. I was gonna try and make a move on him when he got back. 

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  • T J
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    2 months ago

    Do you really want to get involved in a Momma's boy? You will never come first in his life. Mommy will run his and your life, until she dies.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    wow... who cares? people take days off... it's really none of your business. and you're like this after 1 DAY? try a week...

    and honestly, if he had the "virus", work would have to notify all of you. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your pu ssy is twitching and jumping for penetration!

    Jesus Christ please protect the innocent boy from your wild desires and keep him safe 

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