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Home defense with a pickaxe tool?

If an intruder broke into your house, can you defend yourself with a pickaxe tool? Is a pickaxe good tool to defend yourself in a home defense or burglary?

 I don' want to know the disadvantage of a pickaxe but, rather know how effective it can be used against an intruder. And make sure to answer in details. 

Short answers will be reported. 

The handle is made of a composite material reinforced with fiberglass. Length: 91 cm/35 inches long Weight is 3-4 kilogram/8 lbs Warranty: 2 years

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    A good home defense weapon that nobody calls a home defense weapon is a large dry powder fire extinguisher.

    It will quickly blind you and if you don't stop spraying the person it'll choke you to death. And the metal canister weighs enough that you can bludgeon somebody's skull with it and no home invader will think to use it on you like they will if they see a gun or a knife or a big can of pepper spray.

    Do you know that in the majority of home invasions that people are killed with their own weapons!

    When you first realize that your home is being invaded most people are sleep paralyzed. By the time they're reaching for their weapon they're still partially disorientated and sleep paralyzed and the attacker can now see the weapon and you can't move fast enough to use it and they take the weapon away from you and use it on you!

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