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How likely is it Trump would choose to run as an Independent in 2024?

I'm almost writing off him as the Republican candidate, because he was defeated too bad. When Grover Cleveland ran again, he'd left a better legacy, also, he won the popular vote, quite unlike Trump.


I guess, if the Republicans choose someone he didn't like (somebody particularly religious or one of the Bushes, or possibly Mitt Romney), he might go for it.

Update 2:

Christian Sinner: They wouldn't be stupid enough to choose that guy as their candidate - would they?!

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    2 months ago

    Sorry, the independent party won't have him. Neither will the green or libertarian party. The party commission has the right to certify the candidate, and not even the republicans will let him again. They don't support him now either.

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    I think the Trump camp has other things in mind.

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