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Outside of Spurs, City and Chelsea who could be considered 'dark horses' for the title ?


with us being 'favorites' , seeing as the Premier League Trophy is with us not anybody else at present , we are after all the defending CHAMPIONS..

so Liverpool, City, Chelsea and Tottenham lets say,  are the four from which we say are forerunners as champions elect.

outside of this four,  assuming we and the other three don't win the league, who COULD 'sneak' it ?

Update 3:

@ Ryan its not impossible though is it ? For Ole's United to themselves, find form, putting a run of some sort together and finding themselves up there amongst 4 or 5 teams all squeezed together in a 'pack' from which the champions will emerge ?  I mean its not impossible impossible is it ? There is quality in their side but god its insane how badly they're under achieving lol

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    2 months ago

    Sheffield United won't lose another game all season and pull off the biggest upset in the history of the game.

    Or it could be Newcastle. I'd actually love to see them win something with a manager they hate in charge and an owner they loathe

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    2 months ago

    Just Leicester. If they beat Fulham tonight they're level with Spurs and Liverpool. I don't think they can keep it up but who else am I supposed to pick, Man United!? lol

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