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Are you upset that the F1 didn't censor the pictures of Grosjean's crash yesterday?

Personally I think they were right in not showing what happened immediately, not until it was confirmed that Grosjean survived.  Otherwise people would have thought it was a deal worse than it was (and it was bad).

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  • Adam
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    3 months ago
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    You've hit the nail on the head with your comment. They did the right thing by not showing it immediately after until he was walking away. Afterwards, if you don't like them don't watch it.

  • 3 months ago

    No, not upset, with all the smart phones working as video cameras it would be pointless to censor images of the crash. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes! F1 should be banned as it encourages dangerous drivers!

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