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I wish it were Saturday OR I wish it was Saturday?

I know that "I wish today was Saturday" is correct.. 

BQ: What's wrong with: "I wish it is Saturday?"


English is my first language but I've realized I'm not quite sure which is gramatically correct.. thanks for the responses :)

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    Correct: I wish it were Saturday ---- meaning it's not Saturday but I'd like it to be.  

    That's called condition-contrary-to-fact -- it's not Saturday -- ,and what you're using is subjunctive mood.

    Robert2020 --- "Was" is NOT hypothetical.  It's indicative mood and is used to refer to reality.

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    I wish it were Saturday.

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    The correct verb is were because this is a hypothetical or conditional statement.

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    'I wish it WAS Saturday' is correct. Was is for first person singular (I) and third person singular (he, she, it)

    For the second sentence, you would need to say were, as in "I wish it were Saturday" or you could also say "I wish it to be Saturday."

    You can't use present tense (is) when your sentence is structured future/past tense. (Saturday)

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    You have opened a can of worms here, with a seemingly simple question which highlights some of the things which can make English quite baffling at times.

    For it to be correct you should help the verb "wish" with "that".  Both are OK, with "was" being most commonly used in British English. However you can also use the subjunctive mood to justify the use of "were"; which is more common in North America nowadays.

    BQ: it isn't Saturday and you know that. So you are paraphrasing:  "Whilst I know it isn't Saturday today, I really wish that it could (a word which can be used with past, present, or future tenses) be." Hence, 'was' is the word to use.

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    The hypothetical is untrue so stating it as true is not correct.  It is not saturday, so saying that you wish it is saturday is not a correct statement.  Logical thinking imposes that distinction between real and pretend.  Otherwise, how could we know which was meant? 

    And if we cannot know from what you say, then what is the point in speaking?  the point of speaking, its very purpose, is to inform us, so don't speak if you can't be clear about what you want us to understand.  Waste of everyone's time.

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    'was' -- Saturday is singular and 'were' is used for plural cases

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    I wish THAT it were Saturday. Sounds right to me. Was being past tense and hypothetical. But you must use,"that."

    But many say: I wish THAT it was Saterday,too. "Were", is correct according to Broward County college Literature Department, so that settles it!!!

    Let me be clear, most people in the US don't use "that". And I've heard 'was.' And 'were'

    Source(s): Native American English speaker. Most grammar websites say use 'were'.
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