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Why are Eastern European women lagging behind British and American women?

Eastern European women can't achieve their goals like American and British. A lot of American and British women are intellectuals, whereas it is extremely hard to find a smart woman in Eastern Europe. Eastern European women are nothing, just sex dolls. I appreciate American and British women for fighting for their rights. 


I don't want answers from sexists like @Bill, @Jerry and @Deadpool.

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    Women are still second class citizens in black African and brown Muslim countries.

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    Your question is a kind of hate speech.

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    Many of those intellectual women were given an unfair boost via our biased education system, which now favours females. Check out any university campus to see how many white females there are as compared to white males. Apparently it's because the guys no longer apply themselves, hence didn't qualify - or so the feminists tell us.

    Btw, the reason I deliberately compared whites on campus is because minorities fit into a similar category as all females - which is they qualify for socially engineered "affirmative action".

    Eastern European men aren't prepared to buy into this feminism nonsense. They've seen what happens when allowed to get out of control, so they stifle the concept. Which is unfortunate, as I'm a true believer in equality. This version of equality feminists have hijacked society with though, is an abomination.

    I am aware of course, that you were looking for answers which support the premise of your question. Yet my position is that feminists have not just hijacked university level education, but even the very beginnings from our first encounter with the school system. 

    One very clear policy they promote, is 80% employment of female teachers and only 20% male. I fail to see how that could possibly be a balanced approach to our children's education.

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