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Lot of weight in thighs?

Ok so i noticed that i am 187 pounds at 5'5 and i know this is really fat so I'm trying to work on that but when i looked at myself in the mirror, i noticed that most of my fat is in my thighs specifically my inner thighs and this makes me really uncomfortable and upset to the point where i hate to look at myself in the mirror. Especially because when i stand up my thighs touch and it's physically uncomfortable. I do have some weight in my stomach but not very much. For the past month, i haven't been able to eat much or bring myself to get out of my room and i thought i might have lost some weight since last i checked i was 173 pounds but i must have messed up and now I'm fatter. I'm desperate to do anything to be normal and if anyone has any suggestions both healthy and unhealthy to lose weight I'm willing to try it.

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    Quarantine fitness workouts from

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    Diet and exercise.  There are no shortcuts, sorry.

    1. Use a. BMR calculator to figure out your BMR (minimum calories needed) to mining your GOAL weight.  That is the number of calories you should eat each day.

    2. Use a food tracking app like Lose It! or MyFitnessPal to record everything you eat or drink.  Get a food scale to weight your portions and or use measuring spoons and cups.  You can't lose weight if you don't have control over your consumption.

    3. Select an eating plan that is high in vegetables and has adequate amounts of protein and fats.  Cut out the junk food, fast food, snack food, pasta, cereal, bread, sweets, juice, soft drinks, and even milk.

    4. Get on YouTube and start doing some kind of workout every day.  There are hundreds of HIIT, dance, yoga, CrossFIt, etc. that you can find.  You need to get daily exercise.  

    5. Drink a lot of water. Herbal tea with stevia is fine too.

    6. Realize that even the supermodels have their photos retouched. We all have different body shapes and people carry their weight in different places.  That doesn't mean you aren't normal.  It means that you are normal.  You may also find that if you adopt a new lifestyle, after a few months you will look and feel better both physically and emotionally. Self-hate never fixes anything. 

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    You should stop eating and just drink an energy drink in AM and eat health food. 

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