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What exactly is a east infection?


Sorry, I meant yeast infection.

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    AKA candidiasis ( candidosis moniliasis),,,,,, is an infection  caused by strains of Candida, especially Candida albicans.

    Infection of the mucus membranes , as occurs in the mouth or vagina, its common in folks with a normal immune system. However, these infections are more common or persistent in people with diabetes or AIDS and in pregnant women.

    People with an impaired immune system commonly develop candidiasis that spreads throughout the body. People at risk of developing an infection in the bloodstream (candidemia)  include those with a low white blood count-- which can be caused by leukemia or by treatment for other cancers-- and those who have a catheter placed in the blood vessel.

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    Do you mean YEAST?  It’s a fungus that causes thrush in the mouth etc

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