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is it true that cds produced in earlier times sounded better than cds being produced in recent times?

cds that were out in the early 90s or 1990s period sounded better because they were better mastered or remastered back then, when they transferred music to cd format but now cds often sound poor due to bad remastering?

thats what i heard being said recently, what is your opinion?


lord bacon & eggs - thanks for your view, that is a shame as i used to enjoy listening to cds.

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    Newer CD's do not sound as good on my reasonable quality hi-fi equipment.  They lack the wide dynamic range and subtlety of earlier recordings and seem to be engineered to sound acceptable on nasty little portable players, mobile phones or earphones. That means they sound pretty bad on a decent hi-fi system.  A good hi-fi can't put back what has already been removed so I have greatly reduced the rate at which I buy new CDs. My guess is that most people have never heard recorded music the way it is supposed to sound so they don't notice the mediocrity of modern CD recordings

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    2 months ago

    Not really. The older CDs were made using the same master tapes that were used to produce LPs and  they sounded very similar to LPs, except for the absence of clicks and pops. The more recent CDs were made with remastered tapes that take advantage of the greater dynamic range and frequency response of the digital medium. 

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    2 months ago

    I don't think it's in the mastering. I think it's in the commercialization of music and a shift from music as a life creation to electronic simulated coupled with words with less meaning as an art form. It isn't just the '90's. I think the creativity and often a poetry of lyrics is rare now, and instrumentals have become a psychological tool instead of an expression of an artist.

    I think part of it is audience / listeners who have lost appreciation of music. It isn't racial nor completely gone. It might be shorter attention spans of younger people.

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