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mum is driving me mad !!!!!?

my mum always talks about herself. i feel constantly afraid of her and her judgement. i purposely do things to avoid her (example, talking as quietly as i can on the phone, turning down tv volume when she walks past the door). is this normal? whenever i tell my mum how she makes me feel like a stranger living in her house, since she never talks to me about how i feel or my problems, i get shouted down and told im overreacting or she fails to see what the issue is. i spend a lot of my time fantasising about living alone and being far away from her (moving to a new city etc) i really dont know what to do and how to get this through to her, but it is a nightmare to live here and to live with her. my mum is almost 60 and gave birth to me fifteen years after giving birth to my two sisters so i never really grew up around them. its just me and her that live here. i dont speak to my dad much and my sisters have moved out. it has always been this way between me and my mum, but has since gotten worse due to quarantine and spending a lot of time in the house. i dont know what to do !!!!

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    maybe you should move out if youre lucky enough to be over 18

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    No it’s not normal at all; parents are never supposed to make their children feel afraid or judged. I’m very sorry that you are having to go through this. I’m not sure what advice I could give about what to do because it sounds like when you try to communicate with her about it she yells at you, and I’m assuming you’re too young to move out. Unfortunately, you might just have to wait things out. Could you talk to other family members about the issue??

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