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Stranded at airport would you be upset?

My 83 year old neighbor has a granddaughter who tries to control everything she does. The granddaughter is in college and when she comes home for breaks my neighbor isn’t allowed to do ANYTHING. (She lives with her grandmother on college breaks) The poor women lives in complete fear of the granddaughter. The thing is the granddaughter does NOTHING to help her grandmother!! I actually have to go out and shop for them both when she is there because the granddaughter won’t even order groceries online for her. Mind you, I’m 42 the granddaughter is 20 years old. 

I had to fly home for a funeral on thanksgiving for my niece. I went to the funeral yesterday and I’m flying home today. My 83 year old neighbor OFFERED to pick me up. At 7AM this morning she called and told me she got  into a big fight with her granddaughter and that she was not allowed to pick me up now. My flight leaves at 8:00. It’s 7:15 and I’m frantically trying to find a ride. Her granddaughter went out Thursday night to a bar with hey boyfriend and now is getting tested for Covid because her boyfriends father just tested positive for Covid apparently. It’s a big mess. I’m frustrated because it’s 7AM, I leave at 7:30, and this was VERY last minute for me to find another ride. My neighbor then proceeded to ask me if on my way home I would be willing to go to the store to buy her more groceries because she out of some stuff. Would I be wrong to tell her no? I feel guilty but feel like I’m being taken advantage of. 

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    Call a taxi, call a uber, don't pick up the groceries.

    Yes,  you're being taken advantage of.

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    In fairness, an 83 year-old shouldn't really be allowed to go out and do things during the pandemic. It's also like no one in this scenario has ever heard of Instacart or Uber. But if you feel this elder is the victim of actual abuse you can always call your local police to come do a welfare check on her. I'd just show your neighbor how to order grocery delivery or you order the stuff needs for her and have it delivered to her home. 

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