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Should liberation be an important goal of political philosophy? ?

Should liberation be an important goal of political philosophy? If so, liberation from what, and how is it to be achieved?

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    People should be encouraged and enabled, as much as possible, to liberate themselves from dependence upon government, and capitalistic, institutions. People should be providing, for themselves, everything that they need and want. Biology and ecology should be the only bases for restricting our liberty. We shouldn't be basing our behavior on capitalistic and nationalistic principles. The first step is to get everybody growing and raising their own food rather than relying in Big Agriculture. It is a lot harder to coerce people into being good cogs in the capitalistic machinery if they have food independence. Clothing, shelter, everything else we need, and most of what we want can be made as it's needed where it's needed on a small scale. If we do this, the demand for many destructive practices could wither away. 

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    Yes, I believe liberation is an important part of political philosophy.  When people talk about liberation, they are generally talking about liberation from a oppressive government, but it could mean being liberated from any law, power, or force that is preventing you from acting how you would want.

    It is important to enact laws to protect people's basic rights, however some countries are overly restrictive and it prevents people from their freedom of information, speech, travel or livelihood.

    Many libertarians would argue that we should be liberated from anything that prevents us from pursuing happiness, so long as our actions don't harm others.

    Liberation can be obtained through various means, some violent, some peaceful.  Whenever possible, peaceful means of liberation are always preferable to violent means.

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    Differences, freedoms, evolutions .

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