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Would Microsoft buy SEGA? ?

Is it true that Microsoft couldn't be able to buy SEGA for it's Japanese, not American?

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    While anybody could purchase shares of Sega Sammy (Over-the-Counter markets / Tokyo Stock Exchange: SGAMY), as there's around 266 Million (out of 800 Million) shares...  there would be some international & commercial oversight regulations if Microsoft started buying any significant portion of those outstanding shares (being AT LEAST 1 million shares or more, constituting around 0.4% of the company).

    In terms of Sega's Stock value... I don't see it as a viable investment.  While their stock price is reasonable (at $3.48 US / share...  so a $50 would net ~14.678 shares), Sega has sold off their Arcade business within the past month due to COVID-19... things might be getting a bit tougher for their revenue streams.  Stock is near it's 52 week high (at $3.81 US / share), so it might not be a good time to invest.  HOWEVER, this is just my outlook at their stock... so it's ultimately your choice where you want to invest your money.

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    They can't, because there's actually a law there in Japan that prohibits "hostile takeover" on a company, let alone by a foreign one to the boot.

    So even if Microsoft have both the money and interest to buy the company, they can't do it, due to regulations there.

  • i don't think they would want SEGA, least not the sega of old, the majority of the interractive entertainment industry, is in the adult market,  both nintendo and sega, got it wrong more than a decade ago that's why sony and microsoft dominate the console market

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