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How did you learn how to cook?

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    I continue to learn to cook every day.

    When I was a kid my mom didn't want us 'bothering' her in the kitchen.  I remember the first time I cooked an egg, I was 13, my dad had died and mom had gone to work.  My brothers ate ramen almost every day (blech, I've never even eaten it, it looks and smells gross).  I remember it took ruining 3 pairs of eggs for me to figure out to turn the heat down.

    I always liked to bake.  When I was 16 I started baking a lot.  I liked that if I followed the recipe exactly I could be successful.  I slowly taught myself to cook simple meals.

    Because I've always lived alone and worked full time I cooked simple things or cooked big and did leftovers.  I was always good at things like turkey and soups and I liked to bake bread on Sundays.

    I always liked cookbooks and food magazines and I'd try recipes I'd find.  Basically up til I was in my early 50s all my cooking stuff was self taught.  In my 50s I started helping with a local cooking school as a kitchen assistant.  My role evolved into staying with the guest chef and making sure they had everything they needed at their fingertips.  Up to that point I was a good cook with a good palate and good instincts, but there was ... basic culinary school type stuff I didn't know about.  Helping with that school, then going home and cooking my heart out with all the stuff I learned is where I REALLY learned to cook.

    Now at 61 I am a terrific cook who can figure out just about anything in the kitchen.  I have lots of books and look at things on line and try new things all the time.  I know my way around enough to cook just about anything.

    For someone learning to cook now I have advise:  Pick up a couple basic books on cooking and read them and cook from them.  You don't have to tackle Julia Childs, and many of those recipes don't really translate into modern cooking (but I did enjoy the movie very much!).  I would get something like Marion Cunninghams "Learning to Cook", which you can pick up for about $4 on Thriftbooks.com.  In fact, I've bought that book from Thriftbooks.com several times because I keep giving it away to newbie cooks.

    At the beginning of 2020 I moved into a home with an incredible kitchen and I'm very much looking forward to the end of Covid so I can have friends over to cook for and with.  Our local thrift store got a huge donation of an avid cook and cookbook collectors entire kitchen and library and I picked up dozens of really fantastic cookbooks I am now working my way through.

    So read and cook and practice and cook again.  It helps to learn basics and then build on them.

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    I learned how to cook by reading cookbooks...no internet before 1999. So, I am a self taught "chef".

    I read recipes, tried some and changed them to my taste. Trial and error, but to be honest, not much error. I love to cook. But, baking...no way, shoot me now and save the ingredients.

    I am what I call a refrigerator-pantry cook. Both are fully stocked, so as long as I have some fresh ingredients, I can create a meal by using what I have on hand, on a whim by putting flavors together to suit my mood.

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    "heart o' gold" has an Awesome answer (I voted up).

    I grew up with a career chef Father, he taught me a bunch, but always expected more from me (like I was a co-worker).

    I could go on and on, long story short I'm NOT a pastry chef, hahaha.

    Let's keep to the question.

    Better Homes Gold Cookbook is a NEED!!!!!!

    Cooking over or baking in gas and electric is a HUGE difference.

    I prefer gas.

    Pan material is also.

    I suck with Stainless, so I bought a bunch of hard anodized, but easiest is Copper Ceramic.

    Youtube what you think you wanna get into.

    Cooking is NOT baking, baking is a science, cooking can be adjusted.

    When baking remember that for the most part it will keep baking after removed from the heat.

    Yeah, but buy the BHG Gold book.

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    Basic's from my mother, good eats (tv show) and trying it for myself. Need to do it wrong a few times to get it right.

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  • 2 months ago

    My parents weren't great cooks and I figured that if I wanted to eat well, I'd better learn how to do it myself, my four sisters were the same way and are much better cooks than their only brother.

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    By my slef, I learn two or three iteam to cook

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    2 months ago

    On my own while living on my own and then while married.  My mom tried, to teach me, but she always felt I was in the way.........so she told me to set the table and wait for dinner to be ready.

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    2 months ago

    Fastest way to learn how to cook? Get your own apartment. Take out becomes Way too expensive very quickly. 

  • 2 months ago

    I learn it from my mother & others persons who are working for cooking.

  • 2 months ago

    Through trial and error ......... mostly error.

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