What could be wrong with my digestive system?

I’ve always had digestive issues, but they seem to be getting worse. Originally I thought I was lactose intolerant, because I had diarrhea a lot. But it’s evolved drastically.

I’ve been more concerned lately, and have grown frustrated. It effects my work when I have to use the bathroom constantly or I’ll **** myself, or go home because I’m so nauseous that I’m dizzy. And I’m embarrassed.My key symptoms: Constant urge to use the bathroom, 5-8 times a dayMucus in stoolJust pooping mucusAnal fissuresNauseous almost all day (especially after I eat or drink something; no matter what I eat)Typically yellow/light brown, almost chalky stoolStomach crampsHeadaches Originally I went to the walk in clinic because I was bleeding from my rectum, and it seemed like I was on my period, but it was from my butt. The doctor that I saw said I had an anal fissure, but based off of my symptoms he believed I could have an inflammatory bowel disease, (Crohn’s disease). He was a general surgeon for 15 years before joining the clinic, so I’d consider him an expert. But he told me to go see a primary doctor to confirm. I did, she put me on Metamucil and it helps somewhat with solidifying my stool (sometimes) but but i still have all the same symptoms. So she’s going to have me do an ultrasound to look at my gallbladder to see if I have gallstones or other gallbladder issues. Then to a GI I’ll go if that’s not the issue. I have an ultrasound on the 14th of December, but am looking for further insight. 


Also, my doctor put me on Prilosec to help with my heartburn. I have heartburn everyday without it. So that would be another symptom 

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    2 months ago

    If you're lactose intolerant then you would get symptoms after eating dairy, or milk products, or ingredients containing dairy. In order to see if that's a possibility you would have to take ALL forms of dairy out of your diet completely for a few weeks. Then try having dairy by itself (some thing like ice cream or yogurt) and see what happens. 

    You may have to experiment with a few things here. 

    It could be candida (which causes similar symptoms), which is what happens when you have too much yeast in your system. See a nutritionalist (with lots of experience) let them know what's going on, and see if they can recommend any thing to help you out. I'm going through candida and I'm on a diet right now (recommended by a nutritionalist) that seams to be improving my symptoms, which seam similar to yours. 

    Or it could also be a gluten intolerance (if it is take out any thing that has gluten, wheat, rye, barley, hops, even ancient grains like kamut and spelt)  in your diet for a few weeks and see if you feel better), since you're taking processed fiber some of which has gluten in it. Try having more natural sources of fiber (beans or legumes, veggies, leafy greens, brown rice) and see what happens. 

    Also consider taking a probiotic to help your gut / digestive system out. 

    I used to have diarrhea several + times a day it's down to a hand full of times a day. If I eat some thing I'm allergic to or that may have yeast in it. 

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    Sounds like ulcerative colitis to me.     Went through 18 years of that before finding a doctor who wasn't a quack.   Could be crohns also, but will need a camera up the butt to find out which.   Good news is, it can't be both apparently.    

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    A "general surgeon" is not an expert on digestive issues. (hence the "general"). You need to go to GI. Your symptoms could be anything from IBD/S to Celiac to Colon cancer. No one can diagnose that over the Internet, 

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