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can someone help me with this plc problem?

Automation by means of a PLC of a container filling system (process) with the following characteristics:

• The installation consists of a material silo, with two outlet valves, one for coarse dosing and the other for fine dosing. A paddle counter has been placed in the outlet pipe that provides a pulse for each gram of material dispensed.

• The process will start when a start signal is received and at the end it will indicate it with a status output, which will keep fixed if the process has passed normally, or with a 1 second intermittence if for any reason the start operation could not be completed. filling in less than 1 minute.

• When the weighing process starts, the two valves, coarse and fine, open.

• When less than 100 grams are left to complete the weighing, the coarse valve is closed.

• When less than 10 grams are left to the end of weighing, the fine valve is also closed and 3 seconds are timed for the output queue to descend. After this time, the process finished signal is activated.

• The order to activate the process will be given through a normally open contact. A normally closed contact will cancel the maneuver in the event of its signal disappearing (emergency mushroom).

• An alarm is triggered if the dosage is not reached within 1 minute.

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