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Special ideas for my mum?

OK so long read but please help. My mum is is special to me and I want her to be happy so much but there has been something that has kind of got her down. She was super looking forward to this Christmas cooking course by a famous chef (she loves cooking) but obviously due to covid it was pushed back and back and finally its going to take place, but Boris placed Manchester in tier 3 (despite having the lowest R rate) because he has beef with Andy.

Now while she could go and pretend she doesn't live in Manchester, she's responsible and since we have had a relative die to covid, takes everything super seriously (she took things seriously before this too but even more so now)

She's kind of sad because she has been looking forward to this for over a year and its her only kind of joy in life? I want to do something special for her but I'm not a professional chef who can teach her something cool. I also don't have any money, I'm an unemployed student so my options to do anything special to cheer her up are VERY limited.

Any ideas would be welcome I just want to make her happy and make up for this, it would be nice to reveal it as a grand sort of Christmas present but at the same time I could do it just because.

She likes cooking, sourdough bread and candles. I need any ideas, even if they're not good, I need something to start my thoughts rolling

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    You can try and find her a good online cooking course.  There are some good ones for free, and others are reasonably priced.  I've been watching The Isolation Baking Show on Youtube and enjoying it.

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