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Will I get into top 30 universities?

I don't ask this because i want reaffirmation but rather this is something that actually scares me. Not just getting into top 30 schools but also like any schools bcuz ive read that people actually haven't gotten in anywhere even with great stats.

Some of my favorite schools are Vanderbilt, Wash U St. Louis, Case, Northwestern, and U Penn

I also applied to Boston U, UIUC, U Washington, U Pitt, and GWRU

I got 1550 on the SAT and have ~3.67 GPA (my high school doesn't calculate them).

I am in a lot of leadership positions in my clubs, but I skipped a yr and COIVD so I have 2.5 yrs max with them. Most have 1-1.5 yr of commitment.

I've had an internship and research at a university.

I participate a lot in class and I think my teachers really like me. My recs should be ok. 

My essays were all procrastinated and are just pure crap. 

Do I have a shot at any of the top schools I like?

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  • MS
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    2 months ago

    People who don't get in anywhere with their "great stats" have probably only applied to elite schools.  There are universities, usually public state universities, that will accept almost all applicants who meet minimum standards.  

    It's really hard to say how your application will be evaluated.  And it all depends on the rest of the applicant pool too.  Your SAT is great, but your GPA doesn't match it; you will likely make a "first cut" of reviews.  "Pure crap" essays certainly won't help you after that though.  You certainly sound like a good applicant, but no one here can tell you for sure.

    I would be sure to apply to one or two schools where you are pretty much guaranteed to be accepted, just in case.   

  • John
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    2 months ago

    "Not just getting into top 30 schools but also like any schools bcuz ive read that people actually haven't gotten in anywhere even with great stats"  

    You can stop worrying about that. What you read was false. In the US, almost anyone with a high school diploma can get into college.  Even those who barely graduated from high school can go to community college, and many smaller colleges cater to average high school students.

  • 2 months ago

    No one can tell you what schools you will get into. But I have two pieces of advice.

    1. Any reasonably bright person is going to want to go to graduate school eventually. All the really interesting jobs require it. Once you to to graduate school, no one will care where you did your undergraduate work. Go to a decent college and do well so that you can get into a really good graduate school. Trust me on this- I didn't it the other way- went to an elite university and than my local state university for graduate school. No one knows or cares about my UG degree.

    2. Everyone's year is going to look strange because of COVID. Universities will take that into account. They've already suspended looking at the SAT or ACT because no one can take it right now. 

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