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How many hours can an average person wear a conventional contact lens in a day?

I understand it depends on the person and no one can say for sure other than my optometrist. Just want to get a rough idea. By conventional, I mean a normal (not silicone hydrogel) monthly or 2-weekly disposable contact lens (power is -5.00 no cyl).

This is my first question on Yahoo. Thanks to the wonderful people who will answer :)

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  • 2 months ago

    Most people can wear a good lens like Proclear or even an Acuvue 2 all of their waking hours even though these lenses do not allow as much oxygen as silicon hydrogel lenses do.

  • 2 months ago

    No one can be sure but you.

    Most people are able to wear contacts all day. 

    Put them in, in the morning when you brush your teeth... take them out at night when you brush your teeth.

    Good luck.

    Make sure your contacts are comfortable.  Keep working with your optometrist until you find contacts that are comfortable.

    You might get crappy eye doctors that won't work with you.  If that happens find a new doctor.

    - My first set of contacts made my eyes water and the contracts would slip out.  The eye doctor told me that I wasn't a candidate for contacts.  I listened to him and didn't try to use contacts again until I moved and got a new eye doctor.  This original doctor was wrong.

    - More recently I wanted to switch to dailies and the eye doctor would not listen to me that they weren't comfortable.  I found some online that people said were more comfortable.  He said they weren't good.  I switched eye doctors, the new doctor actually recommended the same one I found online and I've been pleased with them for 2 years.

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