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Girlfriend lost attraction for me since I gained weight? How do I get her to believe that I'm going to lose the weight? ?

She would always be depressed about how cute and handsome I used to look when I was slim (I had got too comfortable with her once we started dating) and said she's not attracted to me anymore and I decided I wanted to lose the weight because 1 this girl means so much to me and 2 it's not that I dont want to lose weight but I gained so much weight and seeing other guys 3x as overweight as me terrified me so it motivated me then last year I constantly promised to her that I'm going to work out only to relapse and let her down and she's been very upset at me and sounding like she just gave up just because of my weight and would think a lot about the slimmer version of me (she also said my personality and character was better when I used to be slim) we've been together for 4 years and has started to motivate me to lose weight she would constantly send me pictures of slim guys and guys with abs for no reason and then send me workout charts and healthy food charts 


My current weight is around 250 and we both is 20 yrs old before I started working at McDonalds last year and gained weight I was around 190/200 and within 6 months I skyrocketed to 265 and it terrified her I did lose 20 pounds but I had relapse since covid started and gained 5 pounds (I also have had some bad cases of acid reflux) btw my girlfriend has recently turned vegan and is encouraging me to do so also

Update 2:

The thing is I gained a significant amount of weight like I gained 70 pounds within a few months and my personality and character also changed for the worse 

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    I think just showing her would be the way to go because if she keeps hearing it but not seeing a difference then she won't believe you. Buy a food scale to measure out your food, drink lots of water, cut out junk food and sugary foods, cut out alcohol if you do drink because that will make anyone gain weight like crazy if they overdo it, make healthier versions of what you would normally eat and if you get bored of eating the same thing look up the healthy version of what you're craving and make it. Buying a crockpot will save you because you can make lots of different things in it and it takes little to no effort. Also your personality and character changed because when people gain weight they become unhappy. They don't feel attractive or wanted anymore so it makes them bitter. Also this is gonna seem like only something that girls do but guys do it too chloe ting has amazing workouts (she makes them for everyone) and she's on youtube her workouts are free, she has a full schedule you can follow on Chloe or you can just youtube chloe ting full body workouts and follow along with that. I would also just say take a rest day if you get too sore. Rest days are grow days your muscles get a chance to repair themselves and heal to get stronger. Even if you start off doing it every other day it would still be better than nothing at all. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    You get her to believe it by actually doing it. 

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    Find a girl that will love you for who you are and break up with that ungrateful *****

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    King, that triflin hoe ain't worth the pot she piss on. Drop that selfish ***** and go get you a grateful *****. 

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    Lose the weight.

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    discuss your plans with her and take it from there

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    you have a girlfriend sending you pictures of other guys that she wished you looked like?  let her go-- free her like a bird -- don't look back.

    She sounds like a really nasty person.

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    Whatever your girlfriend weighs, that’s the amount you need to lose.

    If someone’s relationship becomes fragile because one person put on a few pounds, there’s zero chance it will survive anything serious.

    It may not be what you want to hear, but once you meet the right one, you’ll look back and thank me later.

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