what can you do if you have blackheads on your back area?

i'm a man in my 40s with quite a a few spots, including unsightly blackheads on my upper back region and i can't reach them to squeeze them, so what do i do to remove them?

i live by myself with no company or relationships, so no one can squeeze them for me.

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    2 months ago
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    You need to see a Dermatologist.  They can give you a prescription for some really strong Blackhead/Acne scrub. If you cannot get to a Dr.  Use a very mild, non-allergic soap and a wash cloth.  DO NOT SQUEEZE THEM, this will cause the Blackheads to spread. As your body ages, the chemicals in your system change. Some people get really bad acne in their 60s, so don't feel alone. You can also just use the hottest washcloth you can stand and place it over the Blackheads.  This will help loosen them up.  This is not an overnight thing.  It could take a few days or longer....

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