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If Maggie was still in power would the government have got away with these restrictions I think not?


People took to the streets and rioted about the Poll Tax and unemployment, so why aren't the people doing it now instead of moaning about the restrictions and doing nothing. Have people lost their backbones?.

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    It's an excellent way of destroying the economy, so she might have loved it. She certainly would have loved the Draconian laws that allow people to be locked up for protesting. 

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    Unlike most other blockheads in the political world (Angela Merkel and President Assad of Syria are exceptions) - Margaret Thatcher had a scientific education.

    You are free to advance the cause of positive eugenics by giving your self Covid and passing it on to your family.

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    2 months ago

    Maggie was the master of it. Before the Thatcher no Tory would dare mess with the NHS etc. She not only did it, she got away with it too. 

  • Mrs Thatcher was a cnut, but not also a tw@t.

    She'd have not listened to advisors.

    Mr Johnson needs to learn that to be human requires instinct, not waffle.

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    2 months ago

    People would have been rampaging on the streets shouting Maggie out, but I don't see the same happening with Boris and yet the Police are behaving just as they did in the miners strike beating people up for daring to object to our loss of freedoms.

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    2 months ago

    This is a medical emergency so Margaret Thatcher would have us on full lockdown until the vaccine is available, and if halfwits rioted she'd have the army out and declare martial law. 

    Remember that the rioters didn't change her mind; we still had the poll tax and the mines were closed. 

    It took the weak minded Labour Party to change poll tax to Council Tax, so my parents still had to pay it. They were no better off. 

    Those that did benefit were council estate trash who's payments were reduced by being in Band A.

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