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If Israel is not supposed to exist why did they always kick the butt against all the nations that attacked them at the same time?


Luke, I can smell your fear that's why you don't win best answer.

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    they are God,s chosen people.

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    Spies and planning.  For instance, in the 1967 war, Egypt had a superior air force.  Israel saw that the Arab nations were getting ready to attack, so they started the war by attacking first.  They blew up Egypt's planes while they were still on the ground.  In Jordan, they infiltrated the government with spies, and a higher up spy came up with the idea of planting trees and locating forces under cover of these trees while providing shade.  When the war came, Israel just aimed for the trees.  Israel also has had a great inflow of money and arms from other nations over the years, so they were well armed.

    This has nothing to do with any deity.  The idea that some think that it should not exist is because western nations created it, not some deity when they carved up the former Ottoman territories after WW1.  At the same time they created a bunch of countries and Palestine was supposed to be one also, but many think that it should not exist either.  

    The carving of the Ottoman lands was legal, and yes Israel should exist.  After WW2 though, the Geneva Convention no longer recognized lands taken in conquest of war, which is why many think that the borders should be where they were at before 1967.

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    Liberals hated when you remind them about history. Tiny little Israel opened up a can of whoopazz..

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