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indyref2: should scotland ban all competitions and educational qualifications because they do not like to lose and cannot handle failure?

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    Every other "Home," nation has a better standard of education and higher level of qualification than England.  That has been the case for a very very long time.  The English allow this to continue because they exceptional follow the monied to the public schools and Oxbridge.  If they are sufficiently well connected and financed they can indulge in porcineaphillia, enter Bullingdon club and profiteer at the expense of the entire UK.  

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    The UK the Scots voted to remain in back in 2014 was explicitly a UK that would remain in the EU. Those who claim the referendum was a "once in a generation" opportunity as an argument against a second referendum are disingenuously ignoring that.

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    You have a weird idea about the scots being losers. The 1707 Act of Union was a controverisal, but canny, decision to jump onto the growing British Empire bandwagon as the Industrial Revolution took off. Scotland profited hugely and did more than its fair share, until the empire and its trading preferences disappeared after WW2. Today the UK is shrinking into insignificance with regard to its world wide economic influence. So a Yes to Indyref2, and a plan to try to rejoin the EU powerhouse for economy of scale, would be another canny choice for the Scots to make. Never mind Spain and Catalonia, the EU allowed the Czech Republic and Slovakia to separate, and allowed parts of the old Yugoslavia to join. It even welcomed the Baltic states which were once part of Russia and Russia probably will want back one day. 

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