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Am I the only one who realizes how unfair and arbitary metoo is to men ? Its entire subjective and has no rules.?

I once saw a supervisor who exercises constantly, lift his shirt just to show off his abs and some of the female coworkers went and touched it ( I'm  not making this up).

If any other supervisor or coworker had tried that...those same women would complain of sexual harrassment.

And that is the problem I have with #metoo, its entirely dependent on how sexual the woman  feels towards the man...which he CANNOT KNOW UNTIL HE TRIES.

I could go on and list a whole bunch of other "inappropriate actions" that women tolerate not based on what the action is...but rather WHO is doing the action.

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    Me Too founder Tarana Burke says Harvey Weinstein being jailed this year was "astonishing" but far from the end of the movement. Tarana began using the phrase "Me Too" in 2006 to raise awareness of women who had been abused. Eleven years later, it found global recognition after a viral tweet by actress Alyssa Milano.9 Jul 2020.

    Your views are why women who've been abused within the workplace or outside it, still need an awareness campaign to come out to.  Of course some people may believe that 's acceptable to make sexual comments to women in the workplace, but at least now, we can 'name and shame' them on Social Media.

    Sexual intimidation isn't acceptable, regardless of whom it's directed towards or who is doing it.  However in the case of your male Supervisor, he was willingly letting these women touch his abs, so this is not sexual harrasement, but just plain sexist and inappropriate behaviour within the workplace and says much about the Company you work for and some of it's staff.

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    Revolution comes when the people in power act unfairly and their is no legal or social justice.

    The #Metoo movement wouldn't need to exist is complaints about sexual harassment and assault in workplaces were listened to, and people who made the complaints weren't automatically discriminated against. 

    Yes, #metoo is not justice, it is revolution. It is not fair, but it is those who are being treated unfairly fighting back. 

    Oh, your example is of a man basically inviting women to touch his abs, and he didn't mind, versus women being touched when they don't want to. This is the reason for the revolution. 

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    Men and boys are raped, sexualy assaulted and abused too. But if you point out this fact, feminists claim you are misogynistic. One in six boys under twelve have been sexually abused or assaulted. But feminists always claim in these cases it is the boys fault (especially if the abuser is a woman). Even woman pedophiles are still somehow the victim. The stigma against boys being sexually abused is much higher than for girls. I was made to have "sex" with a step mother from age four through nine.This is why I'm against feminists and the #me too movement. 

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    After reading some of the #MeToo stories, I can't help but feel that the women were little more than prostitutes trading sex for career enhancement. Now that they are old, and their careers are on the down-slope, they are desperately trying for some more attention.

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    Personally, I don't agree with trial by social media, which is essentially the essence of #metoo. A person who has potentially committed a sex crime, including sexual harassment should be investigated by the police and face trial in a court of law, if necessary.

    This supervisor was acting inappropriately, but yes, because he's clearly hot, the women took it well. But that's life. If a hot woman approached you and hung herself all over you, you would take it better than if a morbidly obese woman did the same. Because both men and women react differently to different people based off of a whole list of characteristics. Regardless of that, lifting your shirt at work is not okay for anyone. He got lucky because he's hot.

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    Sounds like those women were sexually harassing him 

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    In reality #MeToo was designed to address rampant problems in media jobs, i.e. jobs that not very many hold. But when someone behaves inappropriately at work and is rewarded for it that doesn't make the initial action any less gross. The office just isn't the place to be showing your abs. You're there to work, people. It's not the place to "shoot your shot" and see if you can bed a coworker. There are other places to do that. 

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