Did i just get a free ps5 from Best buy?

On Nov.22nd me and my sister got an order through for pick up on black Friday for the ps5. They charged her card for it then two days later the money went back in her card. It was available for pick up so I picked it up on black friday. The Best buy web site says I picked it up. But the money is still in her bank account. I explained everything to the The kid that worked at best buy that gave me the console. He said not to worry that they would charge me automatically. And if not "you'll get it free" he said jokingly. As well as the ps5 console he gave me had a different persons name and order # on it but he just gave it to me anyway. So im not sure if its a mistake what do i do now?!

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    2 months ago

    The kid messed up (obviously) if he gave you one with someone else's name on it.  You might just have a free PS5.  But, when the mistake is discovered, they might try to charge your sister's card.

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