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Is there no such thing... as paranormal?

It's not fair to strip the wind of its power to move the curtains... and attribute it to some mythical monster. Or strip the rusty door hinges and the effort they make to squeak... and claim that a ghost closed the door. If your brain tricks you, manipulate it.

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    There is NO Paranormal or Supernatural as such----Only the NATURAL we do not know about yet.   This can range from Hallucinations, Illusions  and fraud, to natural things the witness does not understand, to Aspects of nature we and our science truly do not know about yet.----We are bound to encounter the latter from time to time as our knowledge of the world is still not yet complete.

    Humans always have to have an "Explanation" for what they see---so we instinctively invent mythical beings to explain those things we do not understand ---like "Ghosts" and "Spirits", etc.

    Saying there is no Paranormal, etc. however, does not mean there are NOT real things out there we do not know about.  Multiple witness cases demonstrate that UNKNOWN things DO exist--It cannot be ALL chalked up to hallucinations.   BUT none of it is anything "Supernatural" or "Paranormal".------only "UNEXPLAINED".

    We just CALL the stuff we can't explain "Paranormal"

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    Yes, if you look it up, paranormal is anything that is not understood by science, not just ghouls and ghosties. There are a lot of young people on here who tell silly tales about paranormal but because they have no genuine understanding of it. Their tales are nonsense and often straight out of the films. As I walked up the creaking cobweb-covered stairs, the picture of an old man at the top of the stairs suddenly turned his head and stared at me. He later trips up and tells us he lives in a council house in Croydon? Things don't happen like that with paranormal. So if anyone tells you that his coffee table suddenly came to life and did an Irish Jig before resuming its place on the floor, he is lying. It seems to me that paranormal shows up a lot with some people, not so much with others and with some, not at all. I have my share. I was with a friend one night, a friend who believes but has not had a lot of experiences. 

    We were near the water at a place called Clive street. We were drinking there as there were many pubs on clive street. As we walked to a junction to cross to a night club. Something grabbed my friends arm. It began to twirl him around in about a 12-foot circle. He was running like hell to stay on his feet and was screaming at me to stop it. I could see by his lean that something was holding his outstretched arm otherwise at that angle, he would have skidded across the floor at a hell of a speed. Eventually, it slowed down then let him go. I picked him up and he was shaking. His eyes were filling up, so I took him home. A couple of days later, he was still upset and asking me what happened. Clive street was very infamous. many years ago, police had to patrol it in twos and threes. There were lots of murders in that street as the place was full of foreigners plus our own sailors and fishermen. You can actually look it up as there is a lot about it on the web. That is more like genuine paranormal than dancing tables. 

    EDIT! Votehark, If you want to take that attitude, then you are a denialist. A sceptic is willing to check out the evidence and there "is" plenty of it for just about every paranormal subject you can think of. Witnessed are "not" just telling stories to have a joke with you. Here is a typical answer from a denialist who thinks he is a sceptic

    - It just doesn't work under rigid test conditions;

    - Interference by electronic gadgets;

    - The tests were designed to fail;

    - Too much negative energy from the skeptics.

    Yes, these were the comments that were given in answer to a question about dousing by an idiot who actually still thinks he is a sceptic but is, as you see, nothing more than a denialist. Fingers in your ears whilst making wah-wah noises until you stop scaring him. This same kid wrote "sceptiks are nonbelievers by definition" I wrote it with that spelling otherwise he says no I didn't, I never wrote that?

    EDIT! Votehark, have you ever contemplated why you are here when you do nothing but moan about the site and the users?

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    There is something like paranormal/supernatural/magic but you will not be aware about that if you go on reading yellow press, eating McDirt, watching soap opera, taking fluoride...wasting your life.

  • I'm not really sure if that is a question or just a statement of fact. But convincing believers it is all bs is a exercise in futility. People who believe in the paranormal will believe it despite thousands of ghost hunters running around with all their silly contraptions trying to prove ghosts exist have not produced one single shred of significant evidence that would actually support their claims. In fact, when their biggest pieces of "evidence" is proven to be fraud or something easily explainable, they will still insist it is real.

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    Yes there is such thing.  You just haven't seen it, because you're not the scientific expert you think you are.

    In layman's terms, the paranormal is anything that modern science cannot (yet) explain.  And there's a whole lot that modern science can't explain.  Science can explain air movement and its effect on solid objects, so congratulations for looking that up, but you've got a long way to go before you start making claims about what does and doesn't exist.

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    No such thing as the paranormal or supernatural..

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