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How did 5’5” Maradona out jump 6’1” Peter Shilton?

Regarding Maradona, why does no one ever ask Peter Shilton, wtf were you doing?

Even with the handball , Shilton was 8” taller than Maradona and should have easily  cleared that ball.


England have had three World Cup goals that would have been changed by VAR. 3rd goal 1966 final, Maradona, and Lampard v Germany 2010.

Although 2/3 would have changed in our favour, I think we are grateful it didn’t exist then.

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    Shilton was always Bobby Robson's preferred keeper even though in 86' he was 36 and probably just about England's No.1 but he looked slow and overweight.

    I will give him benefit of the doubt with the Maradona goal.

    But by Italia 90' he was 40(a Derby Co. player) and looked way past it yet Robson still had him as 1st choice in that semi against Germans he never got near those pens and for the goal that deflection off Paul Parker his foot never leaves the ground earlier in the game Waddle had a long range shot and Bodo ilgner(German Keeper) is like a spring to knock it over bar.

    All I'm saying is Shilton was a great Keeper in his day but was for me the weak link in those 2 Bobby Robson England World Cup Squads.(86 & 90)

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     Yes, with VAR we would probably not have had that third goal in the 1966 World cup, but may have got to the final in 1986.

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    Well at least now we have VAR where we'll never get to experience classic moments like that again, some white guy in a lab coat will rule the goal out after a peer reviewed study. Imagine the fans in the stadium trying to figure out what happened, oh dear I think it touched the gentleman's hand dear, don't spill the tea. 

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    He didn’t out jump him, he was closer.

    If you watch the footage you will see Maradona was closer to the ball, so as the ball was falling. As a result he was able to act earlier, Shilton didn’t expect it to be passed backwards, not did he expect Maradona to use his hand.

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    He was a giant of a footballer.When you are half sprinting,it is easier to jump into the air. Let him rest.  "Maradona is in the hand of God "

  • and  maybe why that's the fundamental reason why the referee, never thought it actually happened that way, despite the obvious mistake due to video tape evidence,   and then people try to argue VAR is a bad thing for football, yeah w/e

    Diego Armando Maradona  RIP

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