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Can I use flea medicine on my 3 pound dog? ?

I have a 3 pound dog (adult but miniature) and i have a 10 pound dog. I have flea medicine for a 5-22 pound dog. Can I apply a full one to the 3 pound dog? Is that safe? Should I only apply half? Any kind advice would be amazing! Thank you 


Btw, that was the lowest weight one I found at the store. There was not one for dogs less than 5 pounds 

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    a 3 lb dog will be very fragile.  I would do NOTHING without consulting your vet.

  • Maxi
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    2 months ago

    Take your dog to the vet and get the right level of flea treatment to put on it.........

    if you have OTC flea treatment it is either useless or toxic and making guesses about the amount of poison you put on, is plain stupid

  • mokrie
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    2 months ago

    No. The dog is too small for a full dose. 

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