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Is this normal?

My 20 month old is VERY attached to me. He follows me around the house, always wants to sit on my lap, HAS to hold my hand while eating/sitting on my lap.. If I go downstairs then he follows me downstairs and when I go back upstairs he follows me. He cries sometimes if I go upstairs because that's blocked off by a gate which he HATES when I go upstairs because he can't go up there. I still sleep with him at night because he refuses to sleep in his own crib (yes I know it's bad to let him sleep with me, but that's the ONLY way I can get him to sleep). If I'm laying next to him and roll over, he'll literally get up and lay on top of me so he's next to me again. He's such a mommy's boy which I love and think it's cute but I just want to make sure it's normal that he's so attached to me. Also, if I'm holding him and I have to put him down to do something, he'll literally fall down and lay on the floor crying until I pick him up again. He's being held by me or someone else almost the whole day.

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    Totally normal for that age. Once he's around 2-2 1/2 he'll start being better about entertaining himself for a while, and it'll be easier for you to get things done. In the meantime, if you need to put him in a playpen or his crib or something for a few minutes so you can finish a chore, don't feel guilty if he throws a fit about it. I promise you it won't kill him.

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