are you right-handed and your heart is on the left side for a reason?

in evolutionary biology, is there an advantage to being right-handed given your heart is on the left side of the body.  basically our bodies are pretty much symmetrical.  we do have a right-brain and left-brain.  i thought of how we fight as in boxing most people are orthodox over being south-paw.  but the south-paw may be an advantage by being unorthodox.  any thoughts would be nice.

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  • ?
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    2 months ago

    In baseball, the main advantage for being right-handed is that pitchers tend to live longer if they are right-handed. Handedness also determines what position infielders play. If you are a batter, you have a slight advantage being left-handed.

    Southpaws also have a decided advantage in fencing, as many people learning to fence have never come up against one. In my class, only two of us were left-handed, out of 60. If you want to see something pathetic and funny, watch two left-handers try to fence one another for the first time. Although I was able to out-fence most of the students in the advanced fencing class during my first quarter of fencing, I couldn't parry another southpaw worth a damn.

  • Zirp
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    2 months ago

    probably not.

    Plenty of lefthanded people have their heart on the left.

    As far as I know, people with situs inversis are not always lefthanded

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    That, like most things in life, is incorrect.  Most of what we learn and are told are falsehoods.  That we get something right every now and then is a small miracle.  I see what you are saying about the whole left handed thing, and symmetry and all that.  But the heart is actually in the middle center of the chest.  Most people have a slight (~4 degree) tilt of the bottom towards the left, and some people do not.

    Most US presidents have been left-handed.  The greatest technical guitar players in the world play the guitar right handed.  The most artistic tend to play it left handed.  So there definitely is something to sidedness, but it ain't with the heart

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