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Are the data lost forever?

I see lot of website closed and disappeared overtime. What happens to the data?

Internet losing information with time, old pages forgotten.

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    If it’s well-and-truly destroyed (melted down into slag, ground into dust), yes.

    If it is only superficially “low-level formatted,” etc., not necessarily. There are advanced data recovery devices and techniques that can sometimes retrieve usable data from drives that have been fully reformatted, or sometimes even after being multiple over-write reformatted, or even after having been physically damaged (say drilling a couple holes in it, or hitting it with a sledge hammer). Though, obviously, the more damaged it is, the hard data will be to retrieve/restore/piece back together.

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    all websites live in files on a computer somewhere.

    if people don't pay their bills, or they close their accounts, the files get deleted from those computers. only the owners of those websites MIGHT have a backup somewhere.

    however, if that website allowed ROBOTS, then you might find a backup here:

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    Mostly, no.

    See the "wayback machine" on

    Most sites are copied there at regular intervals and the old content can be viewed as it was originally.

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