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Are windows really just windows or are they dividers to the world?

Philosophical question for a philosophical answer.....please....

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    If a person is tired of breathing in stagnant air, opening a window could be so invigorating; where a person experiences  a wonderfully joyful moment.  Relieved.

    I don't see a window as a divider, as people can still see in... 

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    What???!!! ". . .dividers to the world?" Your question is senseless. 

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    A window is to see the outer world from where you are. Through windows you can see both good and bad. Windows bring the oxygen inside and drives the carbon dioxide outside. Like windows you take the good and leave the bad. Be a window to others. Tell them good and do to them good and help them to escape from evil.

  • j153e
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    "Window" in earlier days was a "wind eye" (wind, + auga, eye, from PIE *okw-, to see).

    Ofttimes a window is just a window...your psychology adds the notion of limitation or barrier; to carry out your question to absurdity, a wall is a super-divider...thus your psychology may reflect "get out of the imprisoning house"...perhaps you'd like to be as free as all outdoors.

    Imho, you may be alienated from the function of a house.  A possible rx:  camping overnight in your backyard (or, if no backyard, simply put on a winter coat, and stand outside until you are cold, then re-enter home and appreciate the warmth and shelter).  Then your home is a safe space, the glass is half full, time and space are not, and your windows (and walls, and roof, and all the rest) are your friends.  Same for a coat and most other constructions of mankind:  the sleeves are your friends, not dividers; the same for a car:  the windshield is your friend.  Midlife crisis/cabin fever/seasonal affective disorder alert:  red convertible/desire to take a walk/feeling lower energy.   


    "Understanding Yourself," by Mark Prophet.   

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    Source(s): A BASIC CLUE. GET ONE.
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    They are basically televisions into other parts of the world.

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    OK - a philosophical answer then.  They are made of the transparent phase of silicon dioxide.

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