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What is or what would be the music equivalent of a #WritersLift that can easily go viral?

I am most often known as, Julius the Jules, and as much as I want to become a famous musician, I have more of a tendency to support and promote other artists' and bands' music. I hope to find the musician's equivalent of a #WritersLift. I am mainly targeting this question towards either famous musicians or musicians who have at least gone viral before.

For those who are wondering, a #WritersLift is tweeted on Twitter for writers and the #WritingCommunity to follow each other and to support each other's writing by allowing other writers to post links to their blogs, books, #WIP, writing, poems, etc. #WritersLifts. When well written, #WritersLifts often go viral. But you can't just use an appropriation like #MusiciansLift, because the #MusiciansLift hashtag isn't nearly, nor by far as popular as the Writing Community's #WritersLift

Now that you know what a #WritersLift is, I want to hear from those of you who have gone viral to discuss how I would write an equivalent of a #WritersLift that could help out my fellow musicians. I want only the best hashtags or hashtag combinations that are guaranteed to almost always go viral!

Note: Sorry for all the hashtags. I didn't know if #WritersLift could be separated as two words, or if it was just one. Plus' I'm mildly dyslexic. Please ignore and pardon grammatical errors and my ignorance.


I hope that the answers you give will also help other musicians who stumble across this question. I am asking this question on the behalf of all inquiring musicians. I do not necessarily represent said musicians, but rather only bringing your answers to their attention.

Thank you very much for looking out for us musicians!

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